Where To Buy Vegetable Seedlings In And Around Brampton

Where To Buy Vegetable Seedlings In And Around Brampton

Feb 18, 2023

Planning on a new garden in Brampton and wondering where to buy organic vegetable seedlings? Garden centres are places to help you start your new garden without much hassle.

A garden centre is a large area, usually outdoors, where you can find things for your garden. They have all the gardening tools and seedlings that you might need to start a new garden.

If you are looking for seedlings and plants for your Brampton garden, we are here to help you.

Where Can I Buy Vegetable Seedlings Near Me In Brampton

The following are the 11 best garden centres and nurseries in and around Brampton to help you with your new kitchen or fruit garden. They have the best staff; they are experienced and very friendly. They will help you find all the supplies you need for your garden.

1. Lakeside Garden Gallery

10753 Heart Lake Road, Brampton

Lakeside Garden Gallery Brampton is a family-owned Garden Centre. It is located on Heart Lake Road Brampton in the North end of Brampton. It is a reliable garden centre, offering top-quality garden products and the best plants.

It is a popular Garden Centre with numerous varieties of trees, plants, flowers, seedlings, garden supplies, and tools.

The garden centre covers an 18,000-square-foot indoor area with a wide range of tropical, annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. They also offer a plant guarantee on most of their items.

2. The Gardening Place Ltd

740 Steeles Avenue West, Brampton

Located to the west of McLaughlin Road on Steeles Ave. in Brampton, this garden centre has a huge variety of plants, herbs, shrubs, bushes, vegetable plants, and gardening supplies.

Here, you can also find a huge diversity of trees. They have several fruit trees including cherry, apple, peach, plum, pear, and apricot. Grafted trees producing 3-5 types of fruits on a single tree are also available here.

The Gardening Place also offers home gardening items and gardening supplies like mulch and soil. The Garden Centre also carries Christmas trees during the Christmas season.

3. Crestview Garden Centre

2578 Bovaird Drive West, Brampton

Crestview Garden Centre offers very beautiful hanging baskets, bedding plants, vegetable plants, and sod. They also offer high-quality pots, garden accessories, and gardening tools and supplies.

This Garden Centre also offers freshly picked corn on the cob in the season, which you can take home to make delicious and healthy dinners.

4. Glen Echo Nurseries Inc

15070 Airport Road, Caledon

Glen Echo Nurseries Inc is a family-owned Garden Centre near Brampton. This landscape and Garden Centre business has been successfully running for over 40 years.

They will help you select the right plants for your vegetable garden and how to grow them. They also have enough information for indoor plants that are hard to kill. In short, you will get any information you need to start your garden in Brampton.

5. Humber Nurseries 2020 Ltd

14905 Bramalea Road, Caledon

Humber Nurseries is one of the well-known garden centres close to Brampton. In 2020 the ownership of the garden changed but it is still open for the public to shop.

This Garden Centre will be your one-stop for buying all your gardening supplies. From shrubs to evergreens and trees to seedlings this Garden Centre has everything for your gardens. You will get a wide range of annuals and vegetable plants here.

6. 10 & 10 Garden Center

634026 Hwy 10, Mono

Although 10 & 10 Garden Centre is not located in Brampton, it is worth mentioning in this list. The Garden Centre is a huge business with a social spirit and a friendly community.

It is open throughout the year and you can attend a lot of special events, including festive markets, winter festivals, photos with the Grinch, and many more.

It has a very large greenhouse that offers a huge selection of both outdoor and indoor plants. The Garden Centre also has a variety of unique and appealing backyard and garden decoration accessories.

7. T. Vanin Nursery & Greenhouses

5107 Mayfield Rd, Brampton

T. Vanin Nursery & Greenhouses is a Garden Centre in Brampton serving the local and neighbouring areas since 1968. The Garden Centre has a slogan, “Where Growers Are Knowers,” indicating how updated and well-educated their staff is.

They have a wide range of annuals, perennials, tropicals, etc. All of these products are pesticide free and treated in an environmentally friendly way. The storefront at the T. Vanin's has more gardening tools and accessories for your garden.

They have been serving the community for the past 45 years and claim to have the best quality, highest standards, and easy savings for their valuable customers.

8. Georgetown Garden Centre

140 Guelph Street, Georgetown

The Georgetown Garden Centre is an all-in-one shop for both beginners and expert gardeners. It has everything to start a new garden and to maintain a mature one. The Garden Centre can fulfil all your gardening needs under one roof.

They aim to provide all the facilities to the gardeners to promote a stress-free and fun gardening process. They have well-informed and trained staff to answer every question related to gardening.

They provide a huge collection of annual plants, perennial plants, hanging baskets, outdoor planters, and many more to make your garden exquisite. If you are planning a new garden or landscaping project visit their store to get everything you want.

9. Mocon Greenhouses

1879 Queen Street West Brampton

Mocon Greenhouses are traditional growers, serving Brampton, Ontario for over 60 years. They have retail and wholesale garden products and custom planters for beautiful indoor and outdoor gardens.

They have succulents and small cactus plants that can turn your garden into a little oasis without a lot of maintenance. They also have a lot of kitchen garden plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, okra, callaloo, hot and sweet peppers, and many other vegetables.

Mocon Greenhouses claim to have AAA-quality plants that will not die instantly in too much heat or cold. They also claim that their plants can even survive one whole day without water.

10. Malhi Farms

12285 Humber Station Road, Bolton

A bit further out, this garden centre offers a wide range of vegetable and flower plants at very affordable prices. They have 60 distinct kinds of vegetable plants and 20 flowering plants and herbs.

The garden centre also offers premium-quality soil. Along with the producers and soil, you can also find unpasteurized honey which is also quite popular among customers. Their pure honey, made in Ontario, has many health benefits.

11. Sheridan Nurseries

12302 10 Line, Georgetown

Located at their head office in Georgetown, this garden centre introduced many plants like Green Velvet Boxwood, Ivory Silk Lilac Tree, Green Mountain, Green Grem™, DeGroot’s Spire Cedar, Glenleven Linden, and Mountbatten Juniper.

Furthermore, they provide excellent quality soil that has premixed fertilizers at the lowest prices, to make gardening an easy process for you.


With all these Garden Centres in and around Brampton, you can get everything you need to start your new garden in Brampton. These garden centres offer almost all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants.

From beautiful succulents to vegetables, you can buy any plant you want for your garden. Furthermore, many of these centres help new gardeners understand the basic gardening techniques for better care and growth of plants.